the story

During the close of WWII, the US War Department brought together the heads of their branch divisions to establish a contingency for continuity. This effort was to ensure the U.S. survive as a Nation of people not just of Government. A BLACK PROJECT was developed over concerns that America, like many great civilizations in the past, would prosper to the point that it’s citizenry would become complacent and fall prey to it’s own prosperity. Thus losing sight of the vision of personal freedom and liberty and allow Government to slowly overtake and control every aspect of day to day life. This program was code named PROJECT: HAYSEED

Seated are Simpson, Patton, Spaatz, Eisenhower, Bradley, Hodges and Gerow. Standing are Stearley, Vandenberg, Smith, Weyland and Nugent.” Ca. 1945. Army. (OWI) Exact Date Shot Unknown


This project understood the power of sending a continual message in mass and popular media. Popular music being the choice platform for this program. The plan was to inject a pro-American values message into the mainstream in the event that the belief and understanding of the founding Father’s was ever lost. This music was to be spread by various artists within their own style of music to reach the widest audience.

Under the guise of budget conflicts (During the Korean War era) PROJECT: HAYSEED was mothballed. Filed away forever by a shadow government effort who knew that programs such as this would undo their plans to subvert American culture over the upcoming decades and begin their plan to weaponize various departments of the Government and U.S. law against the citizens that would hold fast to traditional American values an possibly expose them or impede their efforts.

PROJECT: HAYSEED would have been lost forever had it not been for a small handful of brave souls who knew exactly why (and by whom) it had been canceled. Through massive efforts of internal espionage the files, program documentation and internal records were obtained and protected for fifty plus years. Slowly, steadily, working underground to reignite the effort while American culture moved further and further away from liberty and embraced a continually growing and invasive Federal Government.

In 2012 America had hit a tipping point socially and Constitutionally. With and administration and Congress growing ever more power hungry and paranoid, the shadow government was deeply entrenched in even the most noble of departments and programs. The time was now. Risking everything, the right individuals were sought out, sworn to secrecy and given everything available concerning PROJECT: HAYSEED. Fingers were crossed. Prayers were prayed. This broad program was placed on their shoulders and hopefully, the one seed planted, would grow to cover the Nation again with understanding and a love for individual liberty and pride in America.

From Left to right:
Joey Bruno, Brad Ryan, Luke Baggett


Why would a band deliberately and unapologetically seek to draw a conservative minded audience?

Because popular media and the news industry is chock full of left leaning spewers of deceit and hate. Not us!

There’s a generation of intelligent people out there making bad decisions because of distorted truth. We make music that poses the questions they should ask themselves.

We’re about America, her values, heroes and like minded Patriots. Follow us in being the voice for the giant silent majority!