Welcome to Hayseed Country

Congrats! You’ve just landed at the home of Your Patriot Band! Welcome to Project Hayseed!

Project Hayseed is first and foremost a band. But it’s also a giant and widespread fan base too. These fans and the band members refer to each other lovingly as “Hayseeds” and the band considers each and every one of our fans as band members as well. Which also makes us the largest musical group in the world – which is cool!

This giant collective of Hayseeds loves America. Real America, not the supposed “Hope and Change” version – but the real one where you DID make this! Where hard work and helping your neighbors out is just our normal way of life. Where our Troops matter. Where having some manners and not getting offended by everything is just part of your character. The America where you understand that a “right” never has a price tag or has to fit in the budget. Where there’s true Constitutional Liberty and Freedom and you know that if you don’t keep those elected in their place, then the whole thing breaks down quickly. We also know that the Real America and the Real Americans are alive and well and have our sleeves rolled up ready to get back to restoring this great country to her former and proper glory as soon as Washington D.C. has a thorough flushing out.

Project Hayseed writes, records and performs songs for these great “Real American” types. We provide that much needed and often silenced voice for those of us that are royally ticked off and heartbroken about where America is these days. The music covers a wide range of styles and subjects but always remains true to one common theme. America is awesome, she and her Real American people are the best in the world and anyone who wants to try and twist that or defile that had better start looking for an exit!

Play time is over. The “Big Kids” are back! Let’s rock this thing! God bless America!

Enjoy the site!

~Project Hayseed~







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