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Project Hayseed These DaysThe Legend of Project Hayseed

It was a dim time in history…. In a modern world where evil lurked and terror was abound. Where a once great nation cast her lot in the desperate direction of hope and change. New leaders and new ideas rode a crest of public complacency and a lack of character not seen since ancient times. Through the guise of “betterment” and “progressive salvation” these leaders bullied and spent like madmen, to near destruction, while reprogramming new generations of “thinkers” into believing that the tried and true was outdated and no longer needed. The new followers cried for fairness and deliverance from the very freedoms, labors and liberties that had set this land apart and above all others in the first place.

Darkness was everywhere.

The builders of this fine country watched as it’s very fabric and backbone were silenced. Whittled away and chipped at. The bold red, white and blue of her flag were fading like the pastels of a rainbow. Soon to be ground out of existence by every twisting of words and law possible. Those that understood the core of her being were being silenced – one by one. Her vision dimming, her voice a mere whisper. America was dying.

But from a bubble at the deeper end of the patriotic pool rose a small clutch of true Americans. Loving God and country, clinging to their guns and Bibles, armed with their instruments and hearts full of songs for the masses, there arose a group hellbent on giving voice to those true Americans that remained. So was born Project Hayseed.

With songs of freedom, liberty, our past, present and future – these brave men went against the musical industry grain and began the most noble of quests. They traveled far and they traveled wide. Speaking, singing and performing at full force until they left an indelible mark that stirred the hearts of all who heard their message. Finally an answer was found within words as powerful as history in a vehicle as universal as music. True to their name, the small lowly hayseed sprang up and grew, reclaiming quickly the barren field and returned it to a wide and lovely vista.

Some say they’re myth. Some say they’re ghosts. But those who say they have seen them are forever changed. Renewed with a sense of belonging. Forever touched by their message. Willing to go on another day to reclaim this great land and strip it from the clutches of tyranny. All in the name of liberty, freedom and an inner rediscovered Hayseed spirit.


Project Hayseed is a group of musicians that loves this country and believes in Americans… ALL OF THEM! We write, perform and tour with one goal in mind, to revitalize the American dream and to teach, through our music, the values that made this country and her people the finest on earth!

We’re tired of Obama-care – and Obama-phones! We’re tired of hard work being a crime. We’re tired of being the “outcasts” in this nation because we believe in having a backbone, God and the U.S. Constitution! We’re also tired of seeing the media dote all over and campaign for those who think “liberty” and the “independent spirit” are horrible. We’re tired of the free loaders and the moochers scamming and stealing from the system and the downtrodden being fed lies, victimized and kept on life support just to have their votes bought by a system that doesn’t care about them one bit!

We’re also tired of Americans, all parties, races and creeds not having a voice. SO WE ARE GOING TO BE THAT VOICE!

The Story so far…
After a few years of watching the U.S. Government go from bad to worse – after a string of “czars” and shoving liberty destroying laws and programs down everyone’s throats it was decided by band founder, Joey Bruno, that enough was enough. He kicked the idea around with his brother-in-law and vocalist, Luke Baggett.  They kept seeing true American Patriots continually ignored by the news and mainstream media – while “pop culture” driven voters kept taking the bait offered by politicians. It was (is) destroying this great country and something had to be done! The answer was in the musical gifts they were blessed with. A way to give the people a “voice” as well as a vehicle in that same “pop culture” to give others an alternative way of thinking. Guitarist, Bruce Bentley, was brought aboard. The songs were penned. The world was told and a movement was born! ((Check out this great story that covers us!!))

The “Hayseeds” of the world perked their ears and have been following and driving this humble band since day one. With an ever growing fan base and an album (“WE Made This!”) in the works, there’s no doubt that future is looking very bright for the band, “Hayseeds” everywhere, and America! Stay tuned… the saga continues!

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The “skinny”:

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