We didn’t set out to write a song about abortion. While it was never spoken aloud, we just had an understanding among us that this subject (while black and white) was a lightening rod and had far too many social intricacies to tackle successfully.

Brad and Joey discussing the structure and “sound” “Hush” should have.

On the way to the studio for a scheduled session to finish up “These Days”, Joey arrived early, blew through the control room asking Eric (Eric Bates, our engineer) if he could borrow the grand piano for a few minutes. The song had popped into his head on the drive over and he had been humming the thing and the words like a madman so as not to forget it. He sat down at the piano and had the song completed in five minutes.

Joey says, “Hush” was a total download into my brain and I couldn’t get it out. This was on a Thursday and we had other song work to do that day. I scheduled more studio time for the following week immediately. So there I was, for days with this song swimming around in my head. It really messed up my eating and sleeping until I could get it out.”

Joey called his friend, Brad Ryan, a fantastic guitarist and fiddle player. This style of song wasn’t the forte of the band but they knew Brad could pull it off with ease.

“I called Brad on Saturday and prayed he’d have Monday available. I didn’t beg him but I made my urgency on this known. Brad shuffled some things around and squeezed us in. That Monday, we rolled in there (the studio), I taught the song to him and Luke and I started holding my breath. I basically just got it out and let it go. They figured I was serious when I told them it would have no drums on the track. Being the drummer, you’d think I’d want percussion wall to wall on everything. Not this. It HAD to sound a certain way with a friendly familiarity but having nothing get in the way of its simplicity.” – JOEY BRUNO

Staying true to that simplicity, it was recorded in one day, has two guitars, a fiddle and two individual notes played on the piano. The rest is sweet, soulful and delicate lyrics delivered by Luke. It literally is a masterpiece.

L-R Joey, Brad, Luke, AJ (studio Intern), Eric Bates (Engineer)

Joey again, “As a testament to the organic nature of the writing, I wrote an additional verse for it. I hadn’t checked the run time on it and I was afraid the song would be too short. I read the last verse to my wife, one that wasn’t part of the original “download”. She hated it. So did I. It fit perfectly. Fit the theme and the message and the cadence… it fit. But it sounded forced and contrived. It was horribly apparent what was a gift from God and what was my personal effort. The song was brilliant just as it was. While I get credit for the writing on “Hush” all I really was – was the recipient.”

The song was mixed the following day and released to test audiences. The response was huge! It has been adopted by pro-life groups around the country and is quickly becoming the Band’s biggest played and purchased song.