From the beginning we knew that we’d be reaching out to a very diverse audience – but no matter what, we had to always be singing to the core of all of us. Sure, America is the greatest country in the world but our diversity doesn’t make us strong. Diversity can give us flavor or certain charms – but diversity as a whole makes anything weak. It’s our unwavering core values that identify us and make us the world leaders that we are! Our music always drives that message home and challenges those that feel otherwise.

America isn’t great because we stumbled upon it – America is great because we live by those great principles as a nation and a people. Anything less than that is failure. Not the American way. Not Project Hayseed’s way.

No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that we’re screwed. The hate and vitriol from liberal, progressive Democrats is matched equally by the impotent, limp wristed Republicans. A total jumbled mess. Jumbled as they perform political theater publicly, then dive to the collective “bottom” together as they get rich and powerful, while we all struggle.

Our music screams against that soft tyranny and the lie that is American Politics and the blind idealists that support them. “Thinking Man’s” music if you will. No berating or hate – just a challenge. All of our music is that way. America needs desperately to get back to her core, her original thinking and do away with the pandering, political correctness and the the giant over reach and underhandedness that We The People have allowed for too long. Music is a powerful thing. We’re going to change that thinking by growing a nation of liberty loving Patriots. One Listener at a time…