This is the title track to the Project Hayseed album, “These Days”.

The song walks you through the stages of life of someone who started out with every hope and dream in their heart only to find imposing compromise thrust upon them at every stage. Ultimately discovering that while life does have slings and arrows, the impositions put upon them by those wanting power over them is unfair and unbearable. It is the story of life these days.

The song was originally written (as a lullaby) in 2014 during the Obama administration because of Obamacare and other policy stances where the over-reach of Government, in all aspects of American life, was overwhelming. Although re-written, the original song lyric “I’ve lost all my hope, for change” reflected this.

This story is universal in the lives of most people. They simply want to pursue their hopes and dreams. It’s tough enough. But this message is not lost at all by Americans who find their hands tied and watch liberty fail at the whims of those who use their Government to push this nation further into the pit of tyranny in the “New World Order” dream they worship.

This song is what’s traditionally known as “album” rock. Long in format, a structure built in passages. Very much meant for headphones and solitary listening. It’s dreamy and foreboding as is the message. A lost hope and warning cry, all in one.

From the opening sustained note, drum peel and downstroke, it’s clear that this song is different. It was epic in its recording, requiring days and days of studio time. It also has the most individual tracks of any Hayseed song (over 100). Of note is the very unique and dirty bass guitar sound created especially for this song. There are five individual drum kit performances plus parts played on just the drum rims, tympani and shakers. The song also has eight electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, grand piano, strings, vibraphone… the list goes on.

This grand opening is the perfect setup and arc for the other songs on the Project Hayseed album, “These Days”, a collection of songs that’s a snapshot of our condition today.